Remember the day we first got together
You were the rage in silk and leather
You talked me into wearing my hair long
You never could do one thing without me
You told the world you were mad about me
And you made my life a song

Remember all the times we used to go walkin’
What about the nights we spent just talkin’
I really could count on you when everything went wrong
Whenever I thought I just couldn’t take it
You were right there to help me make it
And you made my life a song

But now those days with you are suddenly gone
But there’s so many good things to think about from now on
Like the crazy songs we composed
The movies at Loews your high fashioned clothes
The fun and the roses and you
And through it all you made my life a song

Well it’s been so long since we’ve been together
But you’ll be in my thoughts forever
I’ll always have your memory to call my own
And if your new romance starts failin’
Honey come runnin’ cause I’ll be waitin’
Yes you made my life a song

Baby you made you made my life a song
You made my life a sweet and beautiful song
(You made my life a song)