Well I remember when I was just a children
A time when the people used to treat their neighbors like a fellow man
Them all day singin’ and them big prayer meetin’s
When a man was proud to walk up and shake on his neighbor’s hand

Lord you talk about the good times talk about the good times
Oh if you ever needed help a friend was there
Some good neighbor would help lift your burden
Oh and the simple joys of life your friends would share

But the times are harder and the people are changin’
Today most folks couldn’t tell ya who their next door neighbors are
All the guns are loaded the front doors are bolted
Ain’t this old world takin’ hate and fear just a little too far

Let’s talk about the good times let’s talk about the good times
I wish I could just go back to the days I’m speakin’ of
When a friend would meet you and a smile would greet you
What this old world needs now is more old fashioned love

[ guitar ]
Well my old granddaddy God rest his soul now
Well we had a big long talk together the day he died
He said son this world is so full of hate and venom
And I can’t wait to leave this ol’ place and rest on the other side

Cause you talk about the good time talk about the good time
Well I’m gonna see all the friends I knew in the good old days
We’ll have a big hand shakin’ and sit and talk together
Sit down by the river Jordan and sing our cares away

Yeah you talk about the good time talk about the good time
Talk about the good time yeah