Sweet love feelings just eatin’ up my soul
Drivin’ me crazy
Well I’ve got a deep down cravin’ I just can’t control
I need ya baby

Well is it the music or the dancing or the magic of the night
Of feelin’ you so close and holdin’ me tight
I don’t know what’s happenin’ but I know that I can’t fight
All of these sweet these sweet love feelings I get from you

Oh girl I wish I could find the words so I could tell you what I’m feeling
Honey you got my head spinnin’ spinnin’ like a carousel you’ve got me reeling
And I know that when the evening’s over and these moments are all gone
I’ll kiss you goodnight but when I get home I’ll spend a sleepless night
Thinkin’ of tender about all those sweet those sweet love feelings girl I get from you

All my feelings for you are so strong can’t do without ya
It’s so bad that baby I can’t stand another day alone just thinkin’ bout ya
Well I know that I want you forever no one else will ever do
The only girl in this whole world for me is you
So make me happy honey say you want me too
Make all of these sweet these sweet love feelings all come true

(Sweet love feelings)
Girl I want it understood that you’re lookin’ so good
You give me (sweet love feelings)
(Sweet love feelings)
Ah everytime you look at me the way you look at me
I get (sweet love feelings)