Well the preacher went out a huntin’ it was on one Sunday morn
It was against his religion but he took a shotgun along
He got himself a mess almighty fine quail and one old scraggly hare
And on the way home he crossed the path of a Great big grizzly bear

Well the bear got down lookin’ ready to charge
The preacher never seen nothin’ quite that large
They looked each other right smack in the eye
Didn’t take that preacher long to say bye
The preacher he run till he spotted a tree
He said up in that tree’s where I auta be
By the time that bear made a grab for him
The preacher was a sittin’ on top a that limb
Scared to death he tuned about
He looked to the sky and began to shout

Hey Lord you delivered Daniel from the bottom of the lion’s den
You delivered Joana from the belly of the whale and then
The Hebrew children from the fiery furnace so the good books do declare
Hey Lord if you can’t help me for goodness sake don’t help that bear

Yaah look out preacher
Well about that time the limb broke off and the preacher came tumblin’ down
Had a straight razor out of his pocket by the time he lit on the ground
He landed on his feet right in front a that bear and Lord what an awful fight
The preacher and the bear and the razor and the hair flyin’ from left to right

Well first they was up and then they was down
The preacher and the bear runnin’ round and round
The bear he roared and the the preacher he groaned
He was havin’ a tough time holdin’ his own
He said Lord if I get out a here alive
To the good book I’ll abide
No more huntin’ on the Sabbath day
Come Sunday I’m headin’ to the church to pray
Up to the heavens the preacher glanced
He said oh Lord won’t you give me one more chance
Then his suspenders gave away
And he knocked that bear ten feet away
Then the preacher got up and made a bound
To the tree where he’d be safe and sound
Pulled himself up and turned about
Cast his eyes to the skies and he did shout

Hey Lord you delivered Daniel from the bottom of the lion’s den…