Well I’m the Nashville Phantom
And I’ve been hangin’ around
Saturday Night Live since 1925
When the Opry first came to town

I live in barnyards boxcars and freight yards
There ain’t a honky tonk where I ain’t been
Raised on goo goo bars moonshine from fruit jars
Born to lose but determined to win

I’m the phantom of the Opry
I discovered all the stars my friend
I am the spirit of country music
Keep those cards and letters comin’ in

[ guitar ]

I gave Mother Maybelle her thumb pick
Carl Perkins his blue suede shoes
I taught Acuff to fiddle made Jimmy Dickens little
And I sang Hank Williams the blues

I showed Grandpa Jones how to banjo
Chet could pick but I learned him to grin
I laid howdy on Minnie made Stringbean skinny
And I’d do it all over again

I’m the phantom of the Opry…

[ guitar ]