I have spent my time in goin’ never carin’ never knowin’
Just what it was I might be goin’ to
And I’d planned on leavin’ you the same just up and gone the way I came
But you may have noticed I’m still here with you

Yes there’s one sweet reason why you’ve yet to see me leavin’
Just one thing between here and gone
And it’s wrapped up in your smile and a pair of blue green eyes
And a touch that warms me like the fire’s glow
Any number of a hundred things would send me down that road
But there’s one sweet reason I don’t go

I’ve run from ties I’ve cut my strings I’ve unlocked doors I’ve broken chains
Fading like a shadow in the down
When other loves have turned to clay I’ve turned my back and walked away
And you should be the next to find me gone

Yes there’s one sweet reason…

[ guitar ]
Now I find no need in goin’ from the sweet love I’ve been knowin’
To the restless ways and days that I once knew
For more and more I’ve looked to find when leavin’ creeps across my mind
It’s lost in all the days I’ve spent with you

Yes there’s one sweet reason…
You’re the one sweet reason I don’t go