Now trouble didn’t motivate my presence
And I don’t plan on stayin’ very long
Cause I don’t crave the big taste of your city
I just want my guitar and my song

I’m what you might call a transient stranger
Just a foster child of yesterday
Adopted by the silence of a memory
Now if you’ve got a room sir then I’ll pay

I just want a place to lay my body
Until I can see the face of dawn
And when that mornin’ sun says it’s time to run
Then I’ll leave with my guitar and my song

Well I’ve carved my name on lots of minds and faces
With the sound of music in their ears
But I haven’t found a girl who can erase it
This memory I’ve been singin’ to for years

One night stand I play here in your city
Well that typifies the way I want to live
No sir I don’t think I need your entertainment
Cause if she knew she never would forgive

So I just want a place to lay my body…