Sweet love is so fine so when ya find it
Uh brother you better mind it like it was pure gold
Well you better be there when that girl needs carin’
Because if you don’t mind that love someday that love will grow cold

Because love is like a flower you can’t break or bend it
You gotta love it and tend it everyday
If you’re gonna keep it growin’ then keep your lovelight glowin’
Well if you don’t mind your love that love might just fade away

So just lovin’ you is all I wanna do
And I’ll always be I’ll be right there if you ever need me
Because love is like a baby it needs all your affection
All your love and protection all the time
So everyday everyday I’m gonna live love
And every night every night I’m gonna give love
Baby I’m gonna mind your love cause baby your love’s so fine

[ harmonica ]

So just lovin’ you is all I wanna do…