Way down in the state of Georgia in the swamps and everglades
There’s a big old hole on backside of Tiger Mountain
God help the man who gets lost in Miller’s Cave

[ guitar ]
Well I had a girl in way cross Georgia oh but she had unfaithful ways
God she made me feel feel like I was unwanted
Kinda like the birds and the bears that hang around the Miller’s Cave

[ guitar ]
Well I caught her out last Saturday evening with some dude everybody call Big Dave
That’s the meanest man ever hid way cross Georgia
Rather fight me a big old mountain lion in Miller’s Cave

[ guitar ]
So I said you’re gonna pay both you and little baby
Woman I’m gonna see you see you in your graves
Well they laughed at me oh Lord and then I shot ’em
Then I drag their lion skin and bones to Miller’s Cave

[ guitar ]
Well I couldn’t stand stand the way she done me
So I guess I showed showed her I was brave
The most wanted man that ever hid the state of Georgia
But they’ll never find me because I’m lost in Miller’s Cave