When you’re sick in the bed baby you call the doctor
When you run out of pills you call your pharmaceutical man yeah
When you run out of grits and fatback honey
You go see the fellow down at the all night Buy Right Market Stand
Ah but when you’re lonesome and need some attention
Then you get on the phone and you call up your love man that’s me

Yes I’m your love man I’m your love man
I got all the sweet talk you need and my kisses are guaranteed
I’m your love man I’m your love man
All my huggin’ I bet is somethin’ you won’t ever forget yeah

When there’s a problem too big for you to handle
And you need help cause you ain’t havin’ no luck
Well you can look through the yellow pages of the phone book
And find somebody come to your house to fix you up
Why there’s people in this world that can fix anything you can name from A to Z
But when you need love specialization you’re lookin’ to book him you call me

Cause I’m your love man I’m your love man…

Talk guitar
Yeah that’s cute