Little Things

I wanna go back home to Georgia take the shoes off of my feet
Roll up my britches leg and go wadin’ in Sweetwater creek
I wanna fish all night like I used to with my Pappy and my Uncle Frank
Pan fry me a mess of them fish right down on the Chattahoochee River bank

I wanna hear them coon dogs a workin’ out across them Georgia hills
See the moonlight through them pine trees sit and listen to the whippoorwills
I wanna eat my mama’s homemade biscuits till my last attempt
Or listen to my pappy and Grandpa Hubbard bellyache about the government

The little things that make you happiest in time
Always leave a memory that never will grow old
The little things that make you happiest in time
Leave a lot of sunshine in your soul

Well I’ve seen the world out a wanderin’ I’ve traveled it all around
I’ve rambled up a many highway and I’ve slept in many a town
But at home on the back porch pickin’ my guitar watchin’ that sun go down
Is the closest place to heaven I ever found
Oh take me home take me home
Oh this boy wants to go home