See outside the rain it pours the lightning flashes the thunder roars
Woman you’d stand a better chance at tryin’ to tame the elements
Rather than try to tame my soul
Or think your love could ever hold to the likes of me

It ain’t I wouldn’t like to stay live my life in an ordinary way
Nine to five a family a little baby boy on my knee
But woman I’d only break your heart
Cause that kinda life ain’t in the cards for the likes of me

The likes of me that knows no home
But the town I’m in or the road I’m on
I got a restless soul and I’ll never be still
The likes of me no woman can trust
I was born with a soul full of wanderin’ lust
And I’ll chase that sunrise over the hill

I can see the design of the picture in your mind
You think you could change my life you’d make me a perfect wife
Well woman you’re sweet you’re lovin’ you’re kind
So don’t mess up your pretty little mind on the likes of me