You heard about the legend of Jesse James
And John Henry just to mention some names
Well there’s a truck drivin’ legend in the south today
A man called Bandit from Atlanta GA

Every gear jammer knows his name
They swear he’s got ice water runnin’ in his veins
A foot like lead and nerves like steel
He’s gonna go to glory ridin’ 18 wheels
Ah honey hush

Well he left Atlanta back in ’63
Haulin’ him a load up to Tennessee
He hit Monteagle and it started to rain
So hard he couldn’t even see the passin’ lane

Well he started down the grade when he lost a gear
He reached for the brakes found he had no air
The Monteagle grade is steep and long
And everybody that seen it thought the Bandit was gone
Listen now

Well his truck jack-knifed turned completely round
He was comin’ down backwards bout the speed of sound
A lot of folks seen him and they all say
He had his head out the window yellin’ clear the way

Well he got to the bottom safe and sound
Everybody asked Bandit how he made it down
He said folks when the truck picked up too much speed
I just run along beside it and drug my feet

You heard the legend of Jesse James…
Every gear jammer knows his name…