He was raised in the swamp in back of a slough
He grew up eatin’ rattlesnake meat drinkin’ homemade brew
Now folks here about call him Gator and everybody knows him well
Meanest man ever to hit the swamp folks swear he come straight outta hell

Well Gator McKlusky’s sittin’ on a stump
Hammer pulled back on a twelve gauge pump
Watchin’ that swamp lookin’ out for the law
While he make the best corn liquor you ever saw
Rot gut whiskey

While he’s makin’ that mash he watches and he looks
Ol’ Gator he knows that swamp like a book
Sumpin’ out there movin’ Gator whadda ya see
Ain’t nothin’ but the snakes and the gators and me

Everything’s okey dokey in the Okefenokee
That sheriff ain’t snoopin’ around
So cook that moonshine down till it’s good and clear
Everything’s okey dokey in the Okefenokee
That sheriff he’d soon mess around with the devil
Than to get his self alone messin’ around in here

One day he was cookin’ some mash he was almost done
When they spotted the law and they had to run
So he headed for the swamp and they followed him in
But the law might as well been a chasin’ the wind
Look out for that snake sheriff

Well they chased him on back through the muck and the slime
To the back of that swamp where the sun don’t shine
But the law won’t never catch Gator my friend
Cause he knows that swamp like the back of his hand

Watch out boys old Smokey’s in the Okefenokee
The sheriff’s out there snoopin’ around
So shut that business down and let’s disappear
Look out boys old Smokey’s in the Okefenokee
But that sheriff he’s really gonna catch the devil
If he keeps on snoopin’ around in here

Gator’s in the swamp Sheriff go get him if you can
Careful Sheriff don’t let that Gator bite you on your gonads