Chuck Berry Medley

Tribute to one of the greatest in the business Mister Chuck Berry son


Well I left my home in Norfolk Virginia California on my mind
Straddled that greyhound and took it into Raleigh and on across Caroline
Well we stopped in Charlotte we bypassed Blackhill never was a minute late
We were ninety miles out of Atlanta about sunup rollin’ out of Georgia state

Won’t somebody help me get out of Louisiana help me get to Houston town
Cause there’s people there who care a little about me and they won’t let the poor boy down
Well sure as you’re born they bought me a silk suit and put luggage in my hand
And I woke up high over Albuquerque on a jet to the promised land


Well way down in Louisiana close to New Orleans
Way back up in the woods among the evergreens
There was a little shack made of earth and wood
Where lived a country boy named Johnny B Goode
Who never ever learned to read or write so well
But he could play that guitar just like a ringin’ a bell

Go go go Johnny go go go Johnny go go
Go Johnny go go go Johnny go go Johnny B Goode


Well up in the mornin’ and out to school
The teacher is teachin’ the Golden Rule
American history and practical math
Studyin’ hard and hopin’ to pass
While workin’ your fingers right down to the bone
The guy in the back he won’t leave you alone

Well ring ring goes the bell the cook in the lunchroom is ready to sell
You’re lucky if you can find a seat you’re fortunate if you have time to eat
Well back in the classroom open your book
The teacher you don’t know how mean she looks


Well now as I was a motivatin’ over the hill I saw Maybelline in a Coupe deVille
Cadillac rollin’ on an open road nothin’ outrun my V8 Ford
Cadillac doin’ about ninety-five bumper to bumper rollin’ side to side

Maybelline why can’t you be true
Oh Maybelline why can’t you be true
Honey you done started back doin’ the things you used to do


Well long distance operator give me Memphis Tennessee
Help me find the party tryin’ to get in touch with me
Well she did not leave her number but I know who placed the call
Because my uncle he took the message and he wrote it on the wall