Boogie King

Well now he rolled into High Point North Carolina
In a 1929 Chevrolet cut down coupe
Sportin’ them alligator sneakers and wearin’ that
Real bright outta sight tight fittin’ double knit and pinstriped suit

He said folks I come from Hump Alabama
My old man played doghouse bass and he was outta sight
He taught me how to do my thing
Makin’ music in a redneck joint every Friday and Saturday night

Said people call me the Boogie King
I like to make all of God’s chillun sing
Stand back woman let me do my thing

Uh careful
I’m gonna lay my Saturday night move on ya again
Boogie boogie boogie boogie

Well now he come on so strong with them pearly teeth
And them tailor made clothes and all that slick black hair
That he had all them folks around High Point North Carolina
Just scratchin’ their heads sayin’ I declare

Well before too long he done opened a joint on the edge of town
Called the King Of Clubs out on Highway One
Where all the folks includin’ the mayor and his cute little wife
Used to come every night and just dig all the fun

People really dug on the Boogie King
They liked to hear the boy pick and sing
They got all tore up when he done his thing
Oh don’t get close to me honey I might rub off on ya

Well the Boogie King he just rocked right along
And the town folks thought he done found him a home
And was settlin’ down until the day the boy turned up gone
And so did all of the money from the local bank downtown

Well the police said my it sure looked strange
The day old Boogie King up and left town all the money left too
But they said whoever done it really knowed his stuff
Cause he was slick enough to get in there and get it and not leave a clue

But I’ll betcha in another little town somewhere
There’s a fast talkin’ devil with slick black hair
Makin’ all them women say well I declare
He calls his self the Boogie King

Ah come in there sideways son with them hot licks
Honey they call me Killer Dealer
Ha ha ha the Nashville Thriller
Ha ha ha ha ha how’d ya like that move I laid on ya there huh
Ya can’t get that at your local Five And Dime