Barbara Allen

In Scarlet Town where I was born there was a fair maid dwelling
Made every youth cry well a day and her name was Barbara Allen

Twas in the merry month of May when green buds they were swelling
Sweet William upon his death bed lay for love of Barbara Allen

He sent a servant to the town to the place where she was dwelling
You must come to his his side if your name be Barbara Allen

Slowly slowly she got up slowly he went to nigh him
And when she pulled the curtain back said young man I think you’re dying

Oh yes I’m sick I’m very sick and I will be no better
Until I have the love of one the love of Barbara Allen

Father father go dig my grave dig it deep deep and narrow
Sweet William died for me today I’ll die for him tomorrow

They buried her in the old courtyard sweet William’s grave was nigh her
And from his heart there grew a rose and from her heart grew briar

They grew and grew up the courtyard walls till they could grow no higher
Then grew as one to knot no more the red red rose and the briar