All Day Ride

The sun is goin’ down late here
There’s a beautiful woman on my mind
Maybe I found me a ready made alibi
To live my life from a poetry in rhyme

If the rain should cease to fall tomorrow
Then the sun would surely shine in vain
And maybe it’s telling me that every little thing belongs
And it’s been that way since this old world began

Oh Lord this boy is flyin’ high
On a handsome pair of wings like an eagle in the sky
Maybe I’ll find a home somewhere in the bye and bye
But there’s five hundred miles behind me more to roam
Makin’ it an all day ride back home

There’s a lesson I’ve learned from believing
That the world around you can’t stay the same
So I live my life by the words of my chosen song
And hope sooner or later that the world will be singin’ along

Oh Lord this boy is flyin’ high…