Jerry Reed and Elvis Presleys Guitar Man Sessions

The Importance of the Guitar Man Sessions Long have we lauded the ’68 Comeback Special and deservedly so, but every triumph has its genesis and it is reasonable to say Elvis artistic comeback was with his eager involvement in the May 1966 How Great Thou Art sessions and resulting album.

Contract 31-5-1985 in Taylor Michigan

Today i found this contract on eBay:

Jerry Reed – Wrestling Commercial

Jerry Reed Promo for Mid-South Wrestling compliments of

I Married A Woman That Talks Like Jerry Reed

Humorous song from Tim Wilson’s 1997 album “Tuned Up”.

Movie poster “High Ballin”

Egyptian movie poster of the movie “High Ballin” from 1978.

Commercial for Murci Homes

Another time Jerry came in to record a PSA for Murci Homes, an organization for special needs children.

Sound clip: Old West Gazette

Old West Gazette was a daily radio show written and produced by Bob Sanders. The program was sponsored by Greyhound Bus.