Below you’ll find an overview of the instruments and equipment used by Jerry during his career.

Baldwin Classical nylon-string

Jerry’s old Baldwin Classic nylon stringed guitar with which he recorded most of his records was in the possession of Paul Yandell for a long time. He returned it to Jerry’s family years ago. This Baldwin was a guitar from the lower price range.

Paul Yandell once said:

“Jerry doesn’t seem to like good, expensive guitars. His favorite guitars are those old Baldwins. He loves them. He loves the necks on them. That’s what he made all those records with. Fender spent thousands of dollars making him a special guitar, and he was right back to that Baldwin.”

The success of this guitar was largely due to the fantastic “Prismatone” pickup. Besides Jerry, Willie Nelson was also very enthusiastic about the Baldwin Prismatone elements. Unlike Jerry, Willie got the elements from the Baldwins, then threw away the guitars and put the elements in his Martin guitars.

Paul Yandell said about the Prismatone: “I think the Prismatone is the best, most balanced piezo ever made. It’s a shame they’re not making it now.”

Gretsch G6120TM Chet Atkins

Jerry’s first good guitar was the Gretsch Chet Atkins signature model 6120 that he played when he first met Chet. The Gretsch was introduced in 1955 and had a hollow body with open sound holes, two DeArmond pickups, a Bigsby vibrato and a kitschy western design motif with engraved block-fret markers, an inlaid bull head on the head of the guitar and a G-brand in the orange top.

Atkins said Duane Eddy was the only player who seemed to have a good sound with this early version of the 6120, but Jerry was obviously very fond of the guitar.

Ovation Thunderhead X-009

This guitar was specially made for Jerry when he regularly performed at the “Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour Television Show” in 1970.
The guitar has a mahogany (instead of a maple) neck and De’Armond ankle rinse elements. The elements selector switch is positioned as with the Fender Telecaster and also has the same effect.

Furthermore, the guitar has a special pickguard in which the lyrics “Jerry Reed” and “Ovation” are inserted.

Fun fact; Glen Campbell had the same signature guitar, this was the Ovation Thunderhead X-008.

Jerry has played regularly on a Peavey T-60 over the years. This guitar was made in America between 1978 and 1988 and was the world’s first guitar made entirely with CNC machines. He was notorious for his enormous weight, but still very popular because of the unique sound of the instrument.

On the right; Jerry in action with the T-60 …

Fender Telecaster

Without the Fender Telecaster, country music would have sounded very different. This guitar is legendary because of its unique “twang”, which is characteristic of country. A good example of this can be heard in “Baby’s coming home” in which both Jerry and Chet play a Telecaster.

Jerry Reed Dave Plummer Custom Guitar

Dave Plummer designed this guitar for Jerry. The guitar was based on the old Baldwin guitar that Jerry had and was known to be preferred over other guitars. The guitar has a ‘claw’ inlay on the bridge and was called “Pookie” by Jerry.

Dave Plummer wanted to bring the guitar to the market so everyone could order one. I do not know if this ever happened. The photos below are photos of Jerry’s guitar. He has owned the guitar for about a year. Since it was the original guitar of Jerry he is NOT signed and numbered. Jerry wanted another pick-up system installed and brings the guitar back to Plummer. According to Plummer, it was easier to build an entirely new guitar than to adjust it i.v. the already applied (synth) pickup system.


From left to right: Fender Twin Reverb, Ampeg VT-22, MusicMan 112 RD-50 and Peavey Session 400

La Bella 820 Flamenco Red nylon


In the 1970s, Jerry liked to use the MXR Phase 90 and MXR Dyna Comp effect pedals. A good example of this is the song “Reedology” from the album “Red Hot Picker”.

MXR Dyna Comp

MXR Phase 90