The Survivors


Having both lost their jobs, two strangers become unlikely friends after a run in with a would be robber, who is actually a hitman with a grudge against the two.


Premiere: 1983
Director: Michael Ritchie
Written by: Jonathan Reynolds, Michael Leeson


Walter Matthau: Sonny Paluso
Robin Williams: Donald Quinelle
Jerry Reed: Jack Locke
James Wainwright: Wes Huntley
Kristen Vigard: Candice Paluso
Annie McEnroe: Doreen
Anne Pitoniak: Betty
Bernard Barrow: TV station manager
Marian Hailey: Jack’s Wife
Joseph Carberry: Detective Matt Burke
Skipp Lynch: Wiley
Marilyn Cooper: Waitress
Meg Mundy: Mace Lover
Yudie Bank: Accosted Old Lady
Michael P. Moran: Gun Salesman