The FBI is hunting Gator. And not because they want to grab him for illegal liquor but because they want to use him as an undercover agent. They have their sights set on the dangerous gangster boss Bama McCall (Jerry Reed), but Gator does not mind at all to betray an old mate. Until he finds out that Bama is wiping his hands on extortion, prostitution and even murder. Gator manages to get through to Bama, but if the true role of Gator is clear, the two will face each other as deadly rivals. The friendship of yore has disappeared and only one man can survive.


Premiere: 20 augustus 1976
Director: Burt Reynolds
Film series: White Lightning
Dvd release date: 15 juli 2003
Music composed by: Jerry Reed, Charles Bernstein, Bobby Goldsboro


Burt Reynolds: Gator McKlusky
Jerry Reed: Bama McCall
Lauren Hutton: Aggie Maybank
Jack Weston: Irving Greenfield
Alice Ghostley: Emmeline Cavanaugh
Dub Taylor: Mayor Caffrey