Responses to Jerry’s death

“I often wondered what I would write on my site when this sad day came. Now the day is here and I still don’t really know. I thank God I got to know Jerry just a little bit but even more I thank God that Jerry had a personal relationship with Christ. Take care of him Lord, he’ll sure be missed. May the Lord continue to bless Jerry’s wife Prissy and their fine family.”
Patricia Teachey Long time fan and webmaster of Hot A’Mighty website

“Last night about 8pm I checked my messages and found that Jerry Reed had died earlier that day, actually about fifteen minutes after midnight, on Sept. 1. I am still stunned as I write this. Jerry Reed has been a part of my life since I was 9 years old when my father brought home a Jerry Reed album and my obsession with him began. He has always been my greatest influence and also my hero. Thankfully I have had the honor of knowing him in my adult life and even the pleasure of working with him in the studio. He was always very funny and very kind to me, and even called me on the phone from time to time just to chat. Something I could never have imagined would happen when I sat on my bed as a kid learning every little lick and every little nuance from his playing and imagining what I would say to him if I ever had the chance. For me, Jerry’s death is the end of an era. He called me at home when Chet Atkins died and cried and talked to me for a long time. Jerry felt about Chet the way I feel about Jerry. Now it gives me comfort to think of them together again – I imagine Chet has been missing his pickin buddy. Rest in peace Jerry. Thank you for everything.”
Brent Mason

“It had only been a few weeks ago that I read in our local paper, the Daily News Journal, of Mr. Reed’s performance for the Veterans at the York VA Hospital here in Murfreesboro. It was apparent from the picture in the paper that Mr. Reed was suffering from a breathing disorder but he was determined to give back to those veterans who he so admired by performing form them once again. I had the good fortune of meeting Mr. Reed briefly on Center Hill Lake with my now deceased father-in-law and WWII veteran one fall afternoon as he filled up his gas tank at the dock before one of his fishing trips. What a gracious and funny man. My final thought as I folded the paper and placed it in my magazine rack so I could reread the article again was: “Wouldn’t it have been wonderful if Jerry Reed could have seen and read all the nice things folks thought of him before he died.” Somehow, I think he knew that because of the peace he had come tknow in the latter years of his life. It made me realize I should not wait until my friends are gone to tell them how much I appreciate them.”
Bruce Plummer

“My family has just lost another friend–for a little while. Buzz Cason, one of Children’s Cup’s board members was instrumental in leading Jerry into a walk with Jesus. Jerry entered into Bible study with Buzz. Ben Rodgers and I got to take part in that. Buzz, Jean and I took Jerry to see “The Passion of the Christ.” As we walked out of the theater Jerry was weeping. He stopped us in the foyer and said, “Right here, and right now I am telling you and promising Jesus that I will live every day of the rest of my life for Him.”Now they are together. We’ll see you later, Jerry!”
Dave Ohlerking

“I’m only 17 I have met Jerry twice, he remembered me and that made my year. I always wanted to grow up and be just like him and go to Nashville and get a record deal, and I still do. Jerry was not just a musician for me, he was and is my idol and mentor. And he was my friend. This feels like i have just lost my dad again. My room is covered with posters of Jerry from pop goes the counrty and, album covers and the picture of me and Jerry. Losing Jerry has made me want to be more like him even more, we all have to keep his music alive forever.”
Liam Courneen, long time fan, friend and guitar player

“I remember when Chet got Jerry to move to Nashville Jerry turned Nashville on it ear, he was all people in the music business wanted to talk about, at that time there were a couple of local live TV shows on the air and Jerry would be on about once a week he wore that little golfing hat and played his Baldwin and did those great tunes he’d worked up, everybody went and bought a classic guitar to start playing his licks, Chet started taking Jerry out with him when Chet did the Chet, Floyd and Boots thing, I ran into Jerry at the Bell Meade golf tournament Sat night show and he jumped me to start working for him at that time I had quit playing and was working at the Post Office it took about 2 weeks for Jerry to talk me into doing it I really didn’t think I was good enough to work with him, so you see Jerry gave me so much and made me a better musican, we had many great times and working with him was one of the greatest things you could ever do, after I left him and went with Chet we stayed close friends and I recorded with him every now and then, I’ve lost 2 of my greatest friends in Chet and Jerry.”
Paul Yandell

“He had this style called ‘the claw’. I’m not sure if anybody knew what he was doing – I don’t even think he knew what he was doing – he would just do these emotional things that came out through his hands. He was a true innovator.”
Butch Baker, Jerry’s friend and song publisher

Tuesday night, after I’d heard the news that Jerry Reed had died, I sat in an edit room watching the tape of an interview I did with Jerry 25 years ago, in the spring of 1983. During that interview he talked about many aspects of his life, but the theme always went back to the guitar and his music. He said, “God was good to me — He let me love music.”
Dan Miller, WSMV Nashville

“He’s one of the greatest entertainers in the world. That’s the way I feel about him,” -Carrie Moore-Reed, Jerry’s long time booking agent. “Everything about Jerry was distinctive: his guitar playing, writing, voice and especially his sense of humor,” Galante said. “I was honored to have worked with him.”
Sony BMG Nashville Chairman, Joe Galante

“I drew a lot of inspiration from him in various ways. His overall artistry and persona was so much fun and entertaining — that is just one way I want to emulate him. Another is his total musicianship — anyone who picks a country guitar knows of his mastery of the instrument — one of the most inspirational stylists in the history of country music.”
Brad Praisley

“Jerry was as funny as the day is long, but he was a gentle, kind, sweet family man. He was precious.”
Brenda Lee

“He called himself a ‘guitar thinker,’ not a ‘guitar player. He would find new ways to play things, and you can play his songs over and over and hear something new inside them every time. I’ve been stealing from Jerry Reed for years. It was extraordinary, brilliant playing.”
Brent Mason, top session musician in Nashville

“For me, his friendship and influence will linger until I die. He will be missed.”
Thom Bresh, son of Merle Travis

“Jerry will always live in our hearts, every time we play one of his tunes.”
Paul Yandell

“In my life I have been touched in my heart by many people. Chet Atkins, Tommy Jones, Marcel Dadi, Merle Travis and many, many more. Now we have lost the one man that touched my heart the most. Jerry Reed. Jerry not only was my hero, but he became my friend. For this I feel truly blessed. So, as requested by the Snowman himself, I shall always try to raise the bar, and as he would say, keep it funky. Good health or bad, if you love someone, tell them. Life is too short. I shall cherish my memories of the Claw, for I not only love his music, I loved the man.”
Buster B. Jones

“Jerry in my opinion was the most prolific and talented writer of guitar music in history.”
Tom Redmond,

“He will be missed. No words can describe how sad I was when I heard the news about Mr. Reed’s passing… I want to think that Mr. Reed was greeted by the Lord with a big “Welcome home, SON!” and that he’s up there catching up with Chet right now.”
Stig Ove Voll,

“Jerry Reed Hubbard was one of a kind. There will never be another like him, that’s for sure! Before he ever did his first acting role in a movie, he was already a triple threat. He was a brilliant songwriter, consummate singer/entertainer, and of course, a world-class guitarist. Chet Atkins used to say (and I agree), ‘I don’t think he even realizes how great he is.’ Young players will be studying and cussing him for many years to come. Jerry loved to make people laugh and did it at every turn. What a sense of humor! The last little while when I’d visit, I knew he was sick, but he would still be cracking everyone up right till the end. The world has lost a tremendous talent; I’ve lost a great pal, but Heaven has gained one mighty guitar playing angel, that’s for sure! My heartfelt condolences to Prissy, the girls, and the entire family.”
Steve Wariner