The Claw

Right hand notations:
p=thumb, i=index, m=middle, a=ring finger
Left hand notations (below the TAB):
1=index, 2=middle, 3=ring, 4=pinky (little finger)
(Note: if the left hand fingering indicates for instance 4/2/1, it means that your forth finger plays the note on the highest string (in pitch, that is)).
This is a great song to learn, but very difficult to get right, so keep up the good work!

Right hand tips: play the double-stops (when two notes are picked simultaneously) with your middle and ring finger, whether you use a thumb- or a regular pick (this may only be true to a certain extent). Use the thumb-pick for downstrokes and your index or middle finger for upstrokes.

(Note: On the original recording Jerry has his guitar tuned down approximately a semitone.)

Then it´s repeated from the top until the E7 comes again. After that extra twist the first solo follows.

Here´s the second chicken pickin´ solo of Jerry Reed´s The Claw. This is pretty difficult and was hard to transcribe. The thing is, while your right hand does the fast triplets (I do them like so: thumb, index, thumb), your left slides up the third (g) string to the fret indicated.


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